Sunday, July 23, 2006

Location, Location, Location

I've become sort of obsessed with Granada Court, the condos currently under construction at the north end of Vroman's block. Actually, "condominium" sounds rather bland and antiseptic when I look at this nearly-completed development. I walk by the construction site a couple of times a day, and it has been fascinating watching the building grow and change. Unlike some of the housing developments going up in the neighborhood, Granada Court looks like much more than just a big box full of apartments -- it has character and will surely be an interesting place to live. There's something both Spanish Revival and Mediterranean about its look: the thick white walls seem to be at once rugged and clean, and I admire the asymmetry of the complex, with different sizes and shapes of windows, balconies and doors that nonetheless harmonize with one another. The property boasts not only three different courtyards for its residents, but also its own library! How cool is that? I love the fact that the developers saved a number of mature trees growing at the west end of the property and replanted them. I've heard the units are selling for between a half million and $1.2 million apiece, depending on size and location. Now I'm sort of obsessed with going to an open house, because frankly? I want to know what a $1.2 million townhome looks like. I have to admit, if I were in the market for a deluxe condominium, the fact that Vroman's and the Laemmle Theatres are just across the parking lot would make the deal very attractive.


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