Wednesday, September 13, 2006

One Door Closes, Another One Opens

The other day at a management meeting I received the sad news that both Rick's Drive-in and the White Hut are going to be closing -- or at least moving their places of operation. I hear that the land on which each sits has been sold to make way for more luxury condos and apartments. New neighbors are nice, but the disappearance of a couple of favorite local eateries has thrown my co-workers into a tizzy. Where will we ever be able to get fries as good as Rick's?

Naturally, with lunch on all of our minds, the talk around here this morning was all about Famima!! which just today opened about a block from Vroman's, on the ground floor of the new Trio Apartments. I decided to drop in at midday and pick up some lunch for myself. If you've never been to Famima (please forgive me if I drop those exclamation points) before, I can best explain it by describing it as an upscale convenience store. They sell fresh packaged food, sushi, pastries, some groceries, a few office supplies, and sundries. I hear they're famous for their beverage selection. I got a packaged roast beef panini with blue cheese and caramelized onions (which the nice guy at the counter grilled for me), some Sun Chips, and a peanut butter brownie. A co-worker bought a tasty-looking teriyaki bowl and some crackers. On my way out the door I spun a wheel for a door prize and won some chocolate Pocky sticks. Everyone working there seems friendly and enthusiastic, and although I don't think they sell fries to rival Rick's, it seems that a pleasant new lunch joint has arrived in the neighborhood.


At 12:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

No more luxury condos!


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