Thursday, February 14, 2008

Vroman's Events Getting Some Love Online

Several authors who will be coming to Vroman's in the next few weeks have received nice write ups around the various blogs. David Shields, who will be discussing his memoir The Thing About Life is That One Day You'll Be Dead at Vroman's on March 2, had his book recommended by the critic Chris Watson on the NBCC blog:
Brilliantly conceived, researched and executed, "The Thing About Life is That One Day You'll be Dead" shows how human emotions often direct our search for knowledge. The science is fascinating. But what keeps us reading is Shield's warmth.
When he writes that "Adulthood didn't turn out to have quite as much shimmer as we thought it would" and proceeds to eat Rice Krispie treats at least twice a week, we become his confidante and he ours.
In my haste to criticize the NBCC list a week or so ago, I forgot to mention that Toby Barlow's novel in verse Sharp Teeth was among the recommendations in poetry. Toby will be at Vroman's on Febrary 23. The Elegant Variation points out that Gawker, ever magnanimous regarding the success of others, had some very nice things to say about Charles Bock's Beautiful Children:
A while back, we gently ribbed first-time novelist Bock for boasting about taking ten years to write the book, which is about living, being lost, and runaways in Vegas. Was it civilized, we wondered? In conclusion: Yes! Take as much time with that next novel as you need, man. We'll be waiting.
Charles will be at Vroman's on February 22 (and he'll be giving away a lot of cool stuff, too).


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