Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday is For Links

As the weekend looms, some links to send you on your way:
  • The 1001 books to read before you die. I can just see myself getting really far into the list, like one book away, then finding myself on a doomed airplane. Plummeting to earth, my death just moments away, I stand up: "Shit! Does anybody on-board have a copy of Moll Flanders?" Making lists like this is stupid.
  • The Morning News has a list of stuff they like on the Internet this year. They call it the 2008 Eddys. I was all jazzed to check out Colorwars, which they dub "what the web’s next wave will look like: Twitter-fied mob jollies, or, Improv Everywhere applied to Web 2.0." But then the link was broken.
  • This is what happens when Mark Sarvas goes on book tour and misses a few days of blogging.
  • Apropos of nothing at all, how badass is Kingsley Amis' Wikipedia photo:

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