Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another reason to love Ray Bradbury

A blogger I check in with regularly has a nice story today about receiving a special gift, an autographed story by Ray Bradbury.

Did I tell you one of my students got Ray Bradbury to sign my favorite short story - All Summer In A Day - for me last Friday? Let me put this in context for you. It's like if...Santa Claus signed his naughty list for you - it's just that cool. It says, "BETH!" with an exclamation point (!) - "BETH!" And then, I had to ask, what does it say there; his handwriting is messy - ONWARD!, it says. BETH! ONWARD! And really, you have to think, did he think about what the best thing is to write to strangers who love you, what is the best thing? I can see him working this out over time. Throwing out trite, lame things people write in each others yearbooks - have a nice life and whatnot. ONWARD! BETH! Perfect. Let's not sit here. ONWARD!


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