Friday, December 01, 2006

The 24 Days of Gift Suggestions: Day 1

Every day sees cool new merchandise, both books and gifts, arrive at Vroman's. As big as the store is, we can't possibly display all of the things we'd love you to see. So for the next month, every day I'll be highlighting an item or two that our buyers, managers, staff and I love and think you'll be happy knowing about.

First up, a couple of new items for the Elvis fan:

Not only will you learn tips for selecting your signature song and costuming yourself on a budget; this complete kit also includes sunglasses, a ring, a 4-song instrumental CD you can karaoke to, and the piece de resistance... authentic imitation Elvis sideburns. Only caveat: emphasis is on the later Elvis.

I'm not especially an Elvis fan, but even I think this book is pretty sweet. Produced in conjunction with the Presley estate to celebrate Graceland's 50th anniversary in 2007, Graceland is filled with superbly engineered pop-ups that illustrate everything from the Meditation Garden to the contents of the King's refrigerator (fried chicken and Pepsi... who would have guessed?).


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