Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Three Intriguing Food Stories

Who else read Eric Schlosser's Op-Ed piece about corporate spying in the NY Times today and felt like, I don't know, never eating at Burger King again? As if anyone needed further incentive to avoid the King's "food," he apparently sent his minions to infiltrate non-profit groups who were trying to improve labor conditions for migrant farm workers in Florida. Well, not the King himself. I'm sure that dude with the big head in those creepy commercials is totally cool, but the guy who signs his checks? Not so much.

Of course, you could buy your food from a local farmer's market, where some of that food might come from a formerly vacant lot.

And while you're at that farmer's market, if you choose to buy only veggies, that doesn't make you weird or some kind of insufferable food elitist, it just means you don't eat meat.

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