Tuesday, June 03, 2008

My Tuesday Morning Hangover

Well, BEA is over. I staggered into work this morning to find about a thousand RSS feed updates to read in addition to a whole mess of emails. A full write-up (with pictures!) is coming tomorrow, but in the meantime, you can read a condensed version of my experience at The Millions. In lieu of the full-on BEA post, I offer you some quick hits to other literary bits of note.
  • Alan Furst is at Vroman's tonight. Scott Tamberg interviews him for the LA Times: "With the present book, I wanted to write a "9/10 novel" -- what went on before the catastrophe. And the way to do that was to look at Poland and France, the countries that were early occupied, the real crushing defeats. I thought it would be natural to have a French military attaché in Poland, concentrating on German war plans."
  • The final episode of the first season of Titlepage is up.
  • I'll drift into BEA land for a minute. One of my favorite stops on my death march across the BEA convention floor was meeting Eric and Eliza Jane from the small press Two Dollar Radio. They've recently published a book by novelist and screenwriter Rudolph Wurlitzer called The Drop Edge of Yonder. Wurlitzer has an essay on Maud Newton's blog chronicling his move into the world of small presses. It's pretty great. (Wurlitzer wrote Two Lane Blacktop. So now you have to read the essay.)

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