Monday, September 29, 2008

Catching Up with the Literary World

It is Banned Books Week, when we think about books that have been challenged, banned, burned, or otherwise kept from the reading public. I'll have more thoughts on banned books later in the week, but today, we need to catch up on the literary happenings around the internet:
  • "Happiness is like, Americans always fetishize happiness and harp a lot about it. I don’t always understand what is meant by that. Russians never ask you, ‘Are you happy?’ Happiness isn’t a category as important for people with a Russian mentality. The pursuit of happiness is a uniquely American way of thinking..." Sana Krasikov, one of the 5 of 35, talking about why we read on Luke Ford's blog. (via Jacket Copy)
  • "Married to Joanne Woodward, his second wife, for 50 years this winter, Newman always looked at her like something he'd pulled out of a Christmas stocking. He looked at his daughters that way, too. It was like, all these years later, he couldn't quite believe he got to keep them." A fitting tribute to Paul Newman, the philanthropist on Slate.
  • Chuck Klosterman's novel Downtown Owl is out. I briefly saw a galley of it earlier in the summer, but I let it get away. After reading this Salon piece, I regret that.

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