Thursday, September 18, 2008

Links Blowing Up

It is usually my policy not to post anything else on a day when I put up a new podcast (which you should really, absolutely listen to), but there is so much book-related news to talk about today, I feel compelled to compile a list of links:
  • It's tough times out there, but Jessica Stockton Bagnulo, known in the blogosphere as author of The Written Nerd, is opening a bookstore in the Fort Greene neighborhood of Brooklyn. During the recent Brooklyn Book Fair, the neighborhood threw her a party, and the New York Times reported on it.
  • The serial is making a comeback. First Playboy published Denis Johnson's latest work Nobody Move in serial form, and now Alexander McCall Smith is serializing his latest novel, "Corduroy Mansions."
  • And finally, the 10 Books Not to Read Before You Die. "5: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Hunter S Thompson. Dreary ramblings of an unreliable and workshy tosspot. Its sole distinction consists in the creation of ‘Gonzo journalism’, which made it OK for journalists, particularly rock journalists, to get shit-faced with whoever they happened to be writing about."

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