Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jennifer Egan: Internet Oracle?

I'm reading Jennifer Egan's Look at Me at the moment (It's great, by the way), and this passage jumped out at me:
"It's not a magazine--it's a database," he said. "What I'm doing is, I'm optioning the rights to people's stories, just ordinary Americans: an autoworker, a farmer, a deep-sea diver, a mother of six, a corrections officer, a pool shark...Each one of these folks will have their own home page--we call it a PersonalSpace(TM)--devoted exclusively to their lives, internal and external."


Each one would be different, he explained, to reflect the life of the individual, but certain categories would be standard: Photographs of the subject and his or her family. Childhood Memories. Dreams. Diary Entries...And people could add their own categories, too: Things That Make Me Angry. Political Views. Hobbies."

Look at Me was copywrited in 2001, a full year before Friendster, two years before MySpace, and three years before Facebook would go live. I can only conclude from this that Jennifer Egan is psychic.

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At 3:25 PM, Anonymous Edan said...

...and that she is brilliant! I heart J.E.


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