Monday, November 10, 2008

A Breakfast of Links

It was a busy weekend in the cyberworld, and Vroman's got a decent share of the attention. Interesting hypertext links follow:
  • Martha Stewart was here yesterday. It was a packed event, full of enthusiastic fans. I spotted Martha as she walked into the store, and then again as she walked out. In between, I was outside with the folks waiting to get in. The event has been written up a few places, including here and here.
  • Speaking of Vroman's events, here's a thoughtful post about our recent panel on independent bookselling. The panel turned into a forum on bookstores, e-books, and new media, all subjects of interest to me.
  • Stuart Evers has an excellent piece on the Guardian blog called "You Don't Get to Choose Your Literary Heroes." He describes his affection for George Orwell's character Gordon Comstock: "It was enervating, and nasty and that was good. I saw nothing of Comstock's borderline monomania, but instead saw a rage and a bitterness that I wanted to share."

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