Friday, November 21, 2008

It's Friday

Be honest -- you're groggy at work today because you went to a midnight screening of Twilight, right? I knew it. To go with your fourth cup of coffee, here are the links:
  • This site is interesting. You can get a book recommendation based on your preferred level of happiness/sadness, violence/no violence, sex/no sex. I wanted something that was violent, sexy, and happy. It recommended God's Spy, by Juan Gomez Jurado.
  • "...bad books can be almost as instructive as good books. They show you what fiction looks like when it's malfunctioning, when all its wiring is hanging out." Stuart Evers, quickly becoming my favorite of the Guardian book bloggers, on what bad literature has to teach us.
  • And finally, our most recent moment in the sun:

Enjoy your weekend.

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