Friday, November 28, 2008

The New York Times Notable Books 2008

Looking at the 100 Notable Books of 2008 as compiled by the New York Times, I was struck by several key omissions (of course), but also by how several of the books' authors had visited our store in the past year. Going down the list, which is presented alphabetically by author name and divided into fiction and non-fiction:
In case you're wondering, I haven't read many of the books on the list (and one of those that I did, I didn't really care for). But I think that's encouraging, to know that there are still so many great books yet to be read. I'm a glass-half-full-type when it comes to that.

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At 8:53 PM, Anonymous e said...

You know what I noticed (as I'm sure you did, too)?

No "City of Thieves."

And that's a shame because of the books I read this year that are on that list (not a whole lot, but still) it's really among the best: a simple, well-told story with all the stuff that makes books worth reading.

Lists are made to be annoying conversation starters, but still: That's really annoying.

At 12:20 PM, Blogger Patrick said...


I noticed that. I had a few gripes with their list, but that's always how things go at this time of the year. That's one of the reasons I recommend the Millions Year in Reading series, if you haven't already checked it out. It's just posts by smart people about what they liked best this year. It isn't necessarily a book published this year, but rather something the person read. It's my favorite end of the year series.


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