Friday, December 05, 2008

Take Note

It's Friday morning, and I've just had a large coffee and a bagel/egg/sausage/cheese breakfast sandwich, so of course I have some things to tell you:
  • The Inside Flap, the terrific blog of the venerable Milwaukee indie Harry W. Schwartz Bookshops, has started this series of video shelf talkers. I love this idea, as it gives you a feel for what it's like to be in their store, meeting their staff. More indie bookstores should be doing more stuff like this (which basically means I should be doing more stuff like that).
  • This has absolutely nothing to do with books (at least, not that I can tell) but it does have to do with greatness, and as such, I think everyone should read Unremitting Failure as soon as they have the time. On Sammy Hagar:
    People Talk a Lot About the Greatness of Sammy Hagar

    But seriously, of what does this much-vaunted greatness consist?

    One thing: Sammy can't drive 55.

    To which we say, so what? The speed limit has been upped to 65 mph in most places anyway. In fact, 32 states have raised speed limits to 70 mph or higher on some portion of their roadway systems. As a result, Mr. Hagar is no longer obligated to do that which he simply cannot do, mainly abide by a speed limit which everybody ignored right along with him in the first place.
  • There goes the rest of the day: 50 years of Pelican paperback covers at Things Magazine. (Via the invaluable The Morning News.)

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At 11:59 AM, Anonymous Laura H. said...

Hey, thanks for the link! You're bookstore has a great blog and I look forward to following along with your adventures.


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