Friday, January 09, 2009

More Web Articles of Note

I think this Internet thing is going to catch on in a big, big way this year. It's really going to take off. Look what I found there today:
  • Beatrice on the cover art for a limited edition of the new Dan Simmons novel Drood:
    It’s the Victorian-askew look of the latter that came to mind this morning when I got a look at Picacio’s artwork for a limited edition of Drood, the new Dan Simmons novel that asks the question, “Did the famous and loveable and honourable Charles Dickens plot to murder an innocent person and dissolve away his flesh in a pit of caustic lime and secretly inter what was left of him, mere bones and a skull, in the crypt of an ancient cathedral that was an important part of Dicken’s own childhood?”
    Dan Simmons will be at Vroman's on February 22 to sign copies of Drood.
  • As if bookselling weren't tough enough already, the new Child Safety Act has vague and potentially catastrophic implications for children's publishing. This is the law that was passed in response to the recalls of Chinese-made toys that contained lead. Right. So instead of, I don't know, buying more locally made toys (maybe even handmade toys) or rethinking the value of outsourcing toy production, we instead pass a bunch of restrictions with broad-strokes implications on all sorts of industries that weren't at fault to begin with. Won't someone please think of the children's booksellers!
  • And finally Maud Newton just pointed out that the city of New York has passed budget cuts to nullify arts grants that were awarded but not paid. The city still found enough money to pay the Yankees $370 million for their new stadium. The same Yankees who just spent a cool $450 million on three players.

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At 5:48 PM, Blogger Lee said...

I am keen on the regular trade edition book cover for Drood. It reminds me of Ed Ruscha's Homeward Bound—similar to his more easily searched-for Ship. It's a bit of that and a bit of Hiroshi Sugimoto. In fact, I'd argue that the word drood is a great one to join the dread and brooding found in both artists' work!


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