Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Not Everyday You Get To Meet the Booker of Bookers

While everybody else on the net seems contractually obligated to recommend you go to the Salman Rushdie event on Monday night (an event that costs $20, by the way), I'd like to point out that tomorrow evening, Vroman's will be hosting the Booker Prize winning author in our courtyard. For free (well, if you want to get a book signed, you need to buy it from us, but the reading and talk is completely free). Now, Carrie Fisher won't be there (or, she might be, she just won't be on stage), but Salman Rushdie will be here tomorrow. For free. Which event would you rather go to, the one that costs $20 or the one that's free? That's what I thought.

And it's free.

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