Friday, September 12, 2008

Two Worlds Colliding

When I took this job, I promised myself I wouldn't write about "The Hills," which is, in my humble opinion, the single most fascinating show on television (Obviously, it didn't work, since I already have a Hills tag on this blog). I don't want to get too far into my theories on the show because, well, it's Friday, and I do actually have a bit of work to do today. I will mention that you can read my treatise on "The Hills" by purchasing a copy of the current issue of Barrelhouse Magazine here. Trust me, there are far better things in the magazine than my essay, but it is in there, and I've heard it's worth a read. (For a sort of Cliff Notes version of the thesis (you lazy bastards) check it out here. But really, you should buy the magazine. It's butt-kicking, much like the Barrelhouse Blog, which doesn't truck with no jibber jabber.)

But today I have a legitimate reason to mention "The Hills" on this blog. Lauren Conrad, the star of the show, has inked a three book deal with Harper Collins. She will write a three book series about a girl who moves to LA and stars in a reality television show. Much is made about whether "The Hills" is "real" or staged, with many viewers pulling their hair out over the issue (But they're missing the point!). How fitting that Lauren's books will be fictional memoir, the genre of the future.

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At 11:52 AM, Blogger Emma said...

I love The Hills, but I must admit this does make me want to do just a teensy bit of hair-pulling.


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