Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fiction Week at Vroman's

If you're a fan of contemporary fiction, this week's events are insanely good. I get to host all three, and even though that means staying late, I'm pretty excited about them. First up is Darin Strauss, tonight. He's been getting love on the blogs from Jacket Copy and GalleyCat. Strauss' has been blogging about his book tour at Newsweek.

Tomorrow night, we host Joseph O'Neill, whose debut novel Netherland has gotten rave reviews from everybody, including James Wood in the New Yorker and Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times. O'Neill is interviewed by Maria Russo in the LA Times today. You might even run into Mark at the event.

Finally, on Thursday, we host Leif Enger. You can hear a podcast of him discussing his newest book, So Brave, Young, and Handsome here.

A different event, featuring a different novelist each night. Go ahead, tell us you love us.

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