Tuesday, July 01, 2008

"The Art Isn't Completed Until a Reader Reads It"

I'm famously ambivalent about book trailers. Here's the trailer for Robert Crais' new book, Chasing Darkness:

I wish they'd just let him talk more. Crais is an interesting guy, and I was enjoying hearing him talk about his creative process. My favorite Robert Crais story is one he told at the LA Times Festival of Books. Early on in his career, his publicist sent him to an Ingram book distribution facility in between tour stops. He walked into a room that housed 40,000 copies of his book, and they told him, "Sit down, and start signing." I can tell you what 1,000 copies of a book looks like, but 40,000? I can't even imagine it.

Robert Crais will be at Vroman's tomorrow night, where he will sign slightly fewer than 40,000 copies of his new book, Chasing Darkness. If you go, you will have a good time. Robert Crais gives good event.

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