Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hot New Larry Bird Book Hits Shelves

Big Celtics fan? Want this new Larry Bird book, In the Backyard Shooting Hopes? Well, you can't have it. Because it doesn't exist. This is a prop from The Sarah Silverman Program, which shot an episode at our store yesterday. They also hung a banner outside that read "Meet Larry Bird Today!" which caused us a few problems because, you know, no Larry Bird.

We've had film shoots at our store before (You might recognize us in the 40 Year Old Virgin. "We have a great section of Do It Yourself.") My favorite part is the "Foreword by Mark Satterlee" at the bottom. Who's Mark Satterlee? The art designer on the show. Ah, the magic of television. We don't know when our episode will run (we've heard October, but check your local listings), but it's episode 214 and it's called "I Thought My Dad was Dead, but it Turns Out He's Not."

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