Monday, July 14, 2008

Spoiler Control in the 21st Century

Unless you've been living in a colony on the moon for the past few months (like a character in a John Kessel story), you're probably aware that the new book in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn, is about to come out.

In order to guard against spoilers, Meyer has requested that the message boards for all of the Twilight fan sites be taken down until the book's release date, August 2. In a letter posted to her official site, Ms. Meyer stated the reason for the request:
"Another thing you may notice close to the release of Breaking Dawn is that the message boards on several fansites will be taken down. They are doing this as a favor to me because I want to protect you all from stumbling upon something that could ruin the book for you. There will be plenty of time to discuss all the details of the book after August 2nd."
A quick search of Twilight fansites confirms that some of them are complying with her request, while others are not (naughty naughty). There's been much hand wringing over whether or not to close the message boards. As one of the board moderators at Twilight Nexus stated, "This is one of the most important times for fans to be able to communicate. The excitement is only going to grow in the next month and we feel it would be unfair to cut off online communication with TwiNexians that have proved themselves in the past."

I see this side of the argument. I can't imagine what the reaction would be if Theo Epstein asked Sons of Sam Horn to shut down for two weeks leading up to the trade deadline (If you get this reference, great. If not, it just means you're not spending nearly enough time in your parent's basement).

On a related note, Vroman's is hosting a Breaking Dawn Prom Party, complete with live music, a drawing to win tickets to see Stephenie Meyer in concert on August 7, and much, much more. The party will be August 1, from 10 pm to Midnight, at which point you'll get your copy of Breaking Dawn, fresh out the box. Pre-order with us for a chance to win! Check out our official website for complete event details.

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