Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Exciting Book Related On-Line Happenings

At The Millions, Max has up his Most Anticipated Books post for the second half of 2008. That's always a great post, and this time is no different (Would that make it a "Most Anticipated Post" about the Most Anticipated Books?). If you check out the comments, you can see a book that I'm anticipating.

At The Elegant Variation, Mark interviews John Banville about a new book of his play "Conversation in the Mountains" about a meeting between Martin Heidegger and Paul Celan. An interesting interview. Highly recommended.

On Jacket Copy, Carolyn compiles a succinct rundown of review coverage of Ethan Canin's America America. Canin will be at Vroman's on July 25.

At Critical Mass, Kevin Prufer writes eloquently about one of my favorite poets, D.A. Powell.

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