Monday, July 28, 2008

Vroman's Podcast 2: Julie Klam

Regular readers of this blog know that I love Julie Klam's memoir Please Excuse My Daughter. It so perfectly captures what it's like to be smart and cool and young, and yet somehow unable to find your way. It's a book that's consistently funny throughout but never at the expense of real emotion. Everybody should buy it (from Vroman's) and then buy it again for their friends.

And now Julie Klam is the subject of our second podcast (or, as I'm tentatively calling it, "The Inquisition with Patrick Brown"). In our interview, we discuss balancing writing and parenting, David Letterman, Titlepage, the Kindle, Goodreads, and much, much more. The running time is roughly 45 minutes.

Again, there's no music (still working on that), and if you notice a few edits, it's because I had to edit out a section where we talked about AP tests and the movie Diner for about twenty minutes ("Oh, Modell, my blood is boiling!"). Anyway, thanks to Julie for putting up with my slightly amateurish interviewing style, and thanks to all of you for listening.

Click here to download the podcast to your computer.

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